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Particles Quantitative Packing Machine|Dog Food Packing Machine|Pellet Quantitative Packing Machine

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Advantages of the particle packing machine:
The material can be particles,such as wood pellet,salt,dog food,grain.rice, seeds,fertilizer,sugar,fodder,feed stuffs,corn,beans,etc.This Dog Food Packing machine can weigh the material at first,the packing range can be adjusted in the machine.then the material put into bags.This particles quantitative Packing machine also equipped with a heat sealing machine ,so you can seal the bag at the same time.with CE Certification.High accuracy, high efficiency without crashing the materials,This Dog Food quantitative Packing machine Adopting double high precision sensor and intelligent meters,Error automatically ammended, trouble self-inspected, packaging speed display;Adopting famous brand process switch and air equipment, Performance Stable,and easy to maintenance;Stainless Steel material-containers and flow outlet,High precision, small target weighing,Simple high-speed operation,Contracted space,Precise positioning,Quick return on investment.
dog food packing machine

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