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Perfume Box Wrapping Machine For Sale

Editor:Katherine time:2017-03-07 Email: sales@longerinc.com
Perfume box wrapping machine is a kind of cellophane over wrapping machine. This prefect and ideal box type cellophane overwrapping machine is suitable for wrapping small sized single box such as condom box, playing cards, cosmetic box, cigarette box, tape, tea box  using BOPP film with tear tape.
perfume box wrapping machine
The advantages of Perfume box wrapping machine:
It takes little time to change mold if you need to pack other size products.
It is PLC controller. easy operation, and stable performance.
It has tear tape function.
Perfume box overwrapping machine capabilities & benefits
LONGER Machinery Autopackm.com keeps ahead of new trends in cosmetics packaging, design and manufature the suitable cellophane packing machine according to the need for continual change and carton differentiation.
The flexibility to overwrap many products in one machine in a certain size range.
Tight wrap in either polypropylene, cellophane, paper, clear and printed films
Carton protection - prevention from carton damage
Security - peace of mind the product has not been tampered with
Seal area flexibility - allows the longitudinal seal to be positioned either on trailing edge or on the base of the cosmetics carton, depending on carton design and marketing needs
For more information on how Autopackm.com can assist with your overwrapping and perfume box packaging solution, please contact us on +8618537181190, or via our contact form.

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