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Automatic Rotary Cement Packaging Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2019-07-02 Email: [email protected]
Cement packaging machine production line is the use of material gravity (free fall) way to feed, weighing the quantitative packaging equipment. The machine uses quantitative weight feeding, precise and meticulous feeding way, change the flow into the quantitative weighing bucket body to achieve the purpose of quantitative control.
(1) The machine uses computer measurement device, weighing accurate, stable performance, simple operation;
(2) the whole body sealed and equipped with dust, reasonable structure, durable, and truly environmentally friendly production;
(3) small size, light weight, easy adjustment and maintenance;
(4) mechanical and electrical integration, the machine can automatically achieve the packaging of the card, release, out of bags and other functions;
(5) widely used. The machine is not only used for valve pocket packaging, can also be used for other good liquidity powder, granular material packaging.
LONGER Machinery offers two models of rotary cement packaging machine: LG-6 and LG-8.
LG-6 rotary cement packing machine is with 6 sprouts, capacity 60-90tons/h, the weighing accuracy 20-50 Single bag weight, the maximum rotating diameter is 2600mm, the spinning speed 0-5 r/min.
automatic rotary cement packing machine
LG-8 rotary cement packing machine is with 8 sprouts, capacity  80-150tons/h, the Vibration Screen is 120T, Pneumatic Valve is 300.

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