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Powder Sachet Packing Machine Manufacturers

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Autopackm.com offers different powder sachets packaging machines which are mainly used for packaging powder products: such as milk powder, milk powder, coffee powder, pepper, curry powder, protein powder, spices, Chinese medicine powder, chemical medicine and other industries powder materials.
powder packing machine
The main features of powde sachets packaging machine:
1. The machine can automatically do the following: screw metering - code (optional) - bag - filling - sealing - counting.
2. Computer / PLC control system, photoelectric tracking, reliability and high degree of intelligence.
3. With a fault display system, easy to operate and maintenance.
4. It can be customized according to customer needs drilling hole: round hole / butterfly hole, and even the package device
5. The whole shell and contact parts of the material made of stainless steel.
Powder sachet packing machine LG-350 :
Thickness of Packing Film is 0.04-0.08mm, the Packing Speed 30-60 Bags/min
Measure Range is 50-350g, the dimension is 820x900x1980(mm)
Powder sachet packing machine LG-500:
Thickness of Packing Film is 0.03-0.07mm, the Packing Speed 40-65 Bags/min
Measure Range is 300-1000g, the dimension is 950*1200*1900(mm)


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