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Hardware Packaging Machine|Bolts and Screws Bag Packaging Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2017-03-14 Email: [email protected]
hardware packaging machine
Hardware packaging machine is a kind of vertical granules packaging machine. Automatic vertical packaging machine is LONGER Machinery's hot selling products to meet the needs of high-quality packaging machine at home and abroad. Its advantages include: Novel compact design, simple user-friendly interface, a larger range of packaging, mature and stable performance advantages of VIP6 packaging machine has been favored by customers.
Granular products, including snacks, candy, dough, liquid and granular non-food products
*Main feature:
1. Innovative design, strong and durable appearance of the structure
2. Compact form factor saves space and is suitable for more use
3. Adjustable packaging speed.
4. High quality cylinder control transverse seal structure
5. Import PLC control, user-friendly interface, a substantial increase in control accuracy, reliability, intelligence and adjustment range
6. Extremely large film width range from 280mm to 620mm
7. Can be configured according to customer needs plug and punching device
8. Can be made of a variety of bags: pillow bags, angle bags, punching bags, single PE film bags and other customers need bag type

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