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Cement Valve Sacks Bag Packing Machine

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cement bag packing machinecement valve sacks bag packing machine
Cement Valve Sacks Bag Packing Machine is a special equipment necessary for the production of bags of cement for the automatic packaging of cement and can also be used to package other powdery materials (such as fly ash, cement additives, etc.) Small cement plants are still widely used.
Cement packaging machine are mostly divided into fixed and rotary types. The fixed cement packaging machine refers to 1-4 sprout packaging machine, manually moving the bag to complete the filling. While rotary cement packaging machine is with 6-14 sprout, no need manual work, the packaging machine rotation to complete the bag filling.
Features of Cement Valve Sacks Bag Packing Machine:
1, To adapt to a wide range, where the flow performance of a better powder, particulate matter can use the packaging machine for packaging.
2, The basic realization of automation, filling, measurement, out of bags and other actions are automatically completed.
3, The working environment clean and environmentally friendly, do not fill the bag is not filling, bag weight can not lose the value of the bag, the bag accidentally off the gate immediately shut down, stop filling.
4, Simple maintenance, less wearing parts, no hydraulic, pneumatic components.
5, The rotary cement packaging machine equipped with cement clear charter, cement then charter, cement shaker, feeder.

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