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Cost of Machines For Making Sachet Water

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Computer-controlled liquid packaging machine through the liquid machine on the optical eye to track the composite film pre-printed on the cursor to control the number of pulses waiting for the motor to achieve precise control of the motor waiting for the film and the length of the purpose of film, with reliable performance, stable, heat sealing and cutting precision, high degree of automation characteristics
Liquid packaging machine is for the packaging of liquid materials developed automated multi-functional packaging machine. As a result of the use of vertical automatic bag, filling, heat sealing and cutting process, also known as filling liquid vertical packaging machine. As the machine uses a vertical film bag automatic molding process, according to a variety of different types of bags, the use of three sides sealed, four sides of the closure and the closure of the heat sealing method. Suitable for a variety of beverages, liquid seasonings and low viscosity grease and other fluid materials, automatic packaging.
water sachet machine
Multi-functional water sachet bagging machine|small bag water filling machine automatic liquid packaging machine bag 10 kg is a bag of water production line indispensable special equipment. The main device consists of rack, mechanical transmission system, film feeding system, traction mechanism, washing film sterilization device, ultraviolet device, heat sealing device, filling equipment and so on. This machine is made of stainless steel refined, in line with food production requirements. The process of using the computer program according to the design requirements to complete accurately. The machine has a film deviation automatic adjustment device, the film length measurement adjustment device, multi-channel sterilization treatment, mechanical and mechanical transmission, no air pump, low noise, imported electrical appliances, high precision filling, sealing unique health solid, easy to operate and reliable Ideal for bagged water production.


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