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Perfume Box Cellophane Machine|Wrapping Machine For Perfume Box

Editor:Katherine time:2019-07-03 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
What kind of machine can be used to wrap perfume box? Today LONGER Machinery will show you this LGB-200A Automatic Perfume Box Packaging Machine. This Automatic Cellophane Overwrapping Packing Machine with BOPP film is widely used in medicine, food, protect key products, cosmetics, daily necessities, stationery, poker and other industries in various cassette items in the package collection or single box of fully automatic packaging. The packed products has three advantages, namely, anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof, dust-proof; Improve the grade of products, improve product added value, improve the quality of the product appearance decoration. 
perfume box cellophane machine
This machine adopts imported PLC control, electrical integration of system operation. Reliable performance, easy to use, with box packing machine, packing machine and other mechanical linkage.Is a set of domestic advanced cassette in the bag or large items of 3 d packaging equipment.
Introductions of Perfume Health Care Product Automatic Packaging Wrapper Box Overwrapping Medicine Cellophane Bag Machine :
1.Human-computer interface;
2.PLC control and automatic failure diagnosis;
3.Servo motor and automatic film feeding;
4.Pneumatic driving and running smoothly;
5.30minutes are needed for exchanging moulds.
Cosmetic Perfume Box Automatic Overwrapping Pharmaceutical Health Care Box Bag Cellophane Wrapping Packaging Machine is mainly applied to the pharmaceutical, food, health care products, cosmetics, audio and video products, and other industries square boxed items appearance decoration packaging. (CD) CD, playing cards, transparent soap, square battery, floppy disk, etc.
perfume box wrapping machine


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