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Over Wrapping Machine For Perfume|Cosmetic Box Cellophane Wrapping Machine

  • Application:Cosmetic,Wine box,cigarette case
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Phone/WhatsApp 0086-18538123076
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This over wrapping machine for cosmetic cellophane wrapping machine can be used for a variety of product specifications 3D packaging, suitable for cellophane and BOPP coating film, Its regards mechanical linkage as the main body,  adopts stepless frequency control of motor speed and automatic control electrical accessories.
overwrapping machine for cosmetic box
The machine integrating machine, electricity and gas as a whole, has compact structure, beautiful performance, convenient operation and easily maintenance, small volume, light weight and high degree of automation, etc. The cosmetic box cellophane wrapping machine is widely used in the packaging of cosmetics, cigarette case, gift box, health care products, food, stationery, VCD tape, poker and other small boxed items, with security, moisture, improve product added value, product grade and product packaging quality Function, is the ideal box-type three-dimensional packaging equipment.
overwrapping machine for cosmetic box
♥ What kind of product your machine can pack?
Cosmetic box over wrapping machine can pack cosmetic box like Lipstick, Eyeliner, Eyebrow Pen, Makeup Lotion, Isolation Cream, Face Cream, Foundation etc, also applied to the pharmaceutical, food, health care products, audio and video products, and other industries square boxed items appearance decoration packaging. (CD) CD, playing cards, transparent soap, square battery, floppy disk, perfume, cigarette etc.
♥What’s the voltage of your machines?
220V/380V,other voltage can be customized.
♥How can I get a quotation?
Send your requirements(size of the box) and leave your email, we will send you quotation soon.
♥Do you have automatic or semi-automatic cellophane wrapping machine?
Yes,we have several models can be choose from.

Technical Data
Model CKBTB-300A
Packaging material  BOPP film and gold wire
Packing speed  40~80bags/min
Maximum package size  (L)240×(W)120×(H)60mm  
Power and total power  220V 50Hz  5kw 
Machine weight  600kg 
Machine dimensions (L)2000×(W)700×(H)1400mm 


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