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Salt and Rice packing machines

Editor:Katherine time:2016-09-28 Email: [email protected]
"I would like to buy a packing machine that has a seal top & bottom and a back seal.
The packing weights will be 500g and 1000g.
The size of pouches will be 500g [10cm wide and 12cm length ] 1000g [12cm wide and 23cm length ]"

Customer From The Republic of Namibia asked about our Granule packing machine for salt and rice. Customer is in need of this machine for self business use.
Namibia is a country in southern Africa whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean.rice packing machine
Windhoek (Windhoek) as the capital of Namibia, the country's largest city. Located in the central plateau, latitude 22 ° 34 ', longitude 17 ° 06'. 1645 meters above sea level. Population 316,000. Annual maximum temperature 30 ℃, minimum temperature of 7 ℃. Located in arid areas, dry wind around hills blocking the invasion, cool climate. Average annual rainfall of 370 mm.
Foreign trade: exports mainly minerals, fishery products, livestock products and primary processing of products, including diamond exports accounted for 33% of total export earnings. Economic dependence on imports, the vast majority of production and living materials need to be imported.
According to the China Packaging Federation recently published information, China's packaging industry to private enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises as the mainstay, the existing number of world-class multinational companies, but also the emergence of a number of annual sales of over a hundred million of the leading backbone enterprises, including several ten listed companies. However, more than 95% of the Chinese packaging enterprises to private small and medium enterprises. Such packaging industry enterprise scale structure resulting low level of new industrialization, industry structure is irrational, business management needs to be improved. To this end, China Packaging Federation called on "through industrial transformation and upgrading, and gradually get rid of the old model industry, extensive development, and strive to cultivate a number of leading backbone enterprises, mainly in the manufacturing of packaging materials village, packaging products, packaging equipment, technical innovation, quality standards, energy conservation, economic efficiency reached the level of advanced international business, especially in the ability to innovate products and process technology, and international competition in the industry with comparative advantages, enhance the overall level of China's packaging industry . " In the steady development of China's overall economy and intense competition within the packaging industry's new normal, support Chinese enterprises to go abroad investment and merger is the rapid increase of the level of China's packaging industry a shortcut. The history and current situation with reference to Europe, the United States and Macao and other packaging development in developed countries, cross-border M & A is Chinese private enterprises have become the world packaging packing strong only way.


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