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Wide Application of Heat Shrinkable Wrapping Machine

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heat shrink wrapping machine
Heat shrinkable wrapping machine is a kind of heat shrinkable film in the heated state, through the infrared radiation, making plastic molecules are closely packed together, make the area of the original big shrink and attached on the surface of the product and implementation of a kind of the packaging process, long service life, stable and reliable, it is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetic, chemical industry, daily necessities, flammable fragile packaging, heat shrinkable packaging machine for packaging of products is not only able to achieve perfect and fashionable packaging effect, more important is to guarantee the safety of products, at the same time also can't let people worry for objects to damage in transit, heat shrinkable machine packing, suitable for need long climb on objects. 
Shrink wrap is one of the international market, more advanced packaging methods. It is the use of PVC or POF shrink film package outside of the product or package, then heated to shrink packaging products and bind tightly or attachments, shows that the exhibition and concentration of goods, to increase the sense of beauty and value; at the same time, packaged items can be sealed, moisture, pollution prevention. And protect the goods from external shocks, has a certain buffer, in addition, can reduce the product demolished, the possibility of theft;
Product Description:
 Shrink packaging machine uses the following leading features stainless steel heat pipe, long service life. Two power fans to ensure adequate air flow circulation. Imported inexpensive insulation, greatly reducing heat loss. Specially designed double jet liner duct design, to make products more uniform heating. Electronic variable speed, easy to adjust. Electronic temperature control panel with digital display, accurate. Shrink machine with excellent, stable and reliable. Will produce shrink film shrink certain tension, you can put an individual or a group of items to be wrapped tight package tight play the role of this product can be widely used in various small product packaging. Such as: box, electronic products, tablet PCs, mobile phones, batteries, kits, stationery, food, hardware, general merchandise, chemicals, disposable tableware and other objects shrink packaging. After packing the product can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-collision.


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