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Tomato Sauce Sachet Packaging Machine For Sale

Editor:Katherine time:2019-06-20 Email: [email protected]
Soft bags package for semifluid sauce materials in food, food seasoning, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Such as: Honey, sauce, packet of instant noodles, tomato sauce, chili sauce, Hot sauce, skin cream, facial cleanser, shampoo, motherwort extract, loquat ointment, etc.

Features of tomato sauce sachet packaging machine:
1.All the machine is made of stainless steel. The touched packing materials is stainless steel 304.Comply with the Drug GMP/Food QS regulatory requirements.
2.The advanced microcomputer controller. All functions are key operation, LCD display, automatic completed bag-making, cursor tracking, measuring, filling, sealing, hot batch, cut, count, easy tear notch etc of all the work.
Packing materials for Tomato Sauce Sachet Packing Machine
BOPP/Polyethylene, Aluminium/Polyethylene, Paper/Polyethylene, Polester/Plated alumnium/Polyethylene, Nylon/CPP ETC.

Product Details:
1.Different bag width, different former, the bag width is adjustable by the former.
2.The Bag Length: Can be set on the Machine Operate Interface.


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