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Side Sealing & High Speed of Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine

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The use of automatic heat shrink packaging machine for electrical appliances, food, electronic products, toys, stationery and other products, packaging is with several major advantages.
1. Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine is conducive to the product to prevent moisture and pollution, for the food packaging has a good fresh effect;
2. Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine is to make the packaging products can better prevent the impact of the outside world, play a buffer role, with good protection;
3. Automatic shrink packaging machine the packaging of the fragile product can prevent splashing of the pieces after the crushing of the articles; and the fourth aspect, the fastening and packaging for the plurality of articles.
Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine has a variety of packaging methods to meet the needs of different products, packaging, product is a versatile parcel. Heat shrink packaging machine is the first way to seal the way to take four directions, the use of packaging film from four directions around the product wrapped around the seal, the use of heat sealing way to connect the joints. This packaging is a fully enclosed package for the need to seal the product packaging;
Heat shrink packaging machine package of the second packaging is to take only one end of the product open, the other direction of the seal way, this method first cut the packaging film into the side of the bag, then the side of the bag will be wrapped up the product , And then use the heat shrink method for packaging, this approach is suitable for a certain number of products firmly packed together, and will not occur individual drop to facilitate the transport and bulk sales;
Heat shrink packaging The third package of packaging is to take the product at both ends of the open, the other direction of the way sealed, the use of packaging film products wrapped in the sleeve inside, and then take the way of heat shrink packaging, packaging end , There is an opening at both ends of the packaged product.
Deteailed pictures of automatic heat shrink packaging machine:
shrink packaging machine
The usage of automatic shrink packaging machine:
1. Before we operate on the shrinking machine, we must confirm that the machine's power connection is good, or there is no debris around the machine, we must be in the operation of the machine around the debris clean up, so So as to prevent accidents from happening.
2. We have to check whether the fan of the shrink machine is normal, or whether the conveyor belt of the machine can operate normally, and there is no debris on the conveyor belt. If so, we should clean it up.
3. At the beginning of the use of equipment, our operators do not adjust the temperature of the shrinking machine is too high, so we can ensure that the normal use of time, not because of the high temperature, resulting in product packaging can not carry out.
4. Because our equipment is the use of the principle of heat shrinkage, so when we operate the product, our operators must not hand into the machine to run the internal, to prevent burns;
5. Shrink machine in the operation, do not in the machine or conveyor belt placed above other items, this will cause the machine can not work properly, delay packaging efficiency.
heat shrink packing machine

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