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LGBTB-300 Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine For Perfume Boxes Hot Sale

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Automatic cellophane perfume box wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping large and multi-box square objects such as medicines, health products, nutritional supplements, foods, daily cosmetics, stationery, VCD tapes, poker, cigarettes, etc. It is an ideal box type and three-dimensional packaging equipment. The packaging speed is adjustable, and the packaging of different specifications within the scope of the model can be realized without changing the mold. The heat sealing temperature can be adjusted.
tea box over wrapping machine price
Performance structure and features of perfume box over wrapping machine:
Two defense: anti-counterfeiting / moisture-proof
Three improvements: increase the added value of the product / improve the grade of the product / improve the quality of the product
The body size is 2000*700*1400, the weight is 600KG, and the 220V power supply is used, so that the three-dimensional packaging machine can be used in various packaging sites.
Only a small number of grinding tools can be replaced, and one machine can complete the packaging of various sizes of boxes, and the grinding tools are inexpensive.
The operation is simple, that is, learning will be, no professional operation is required.
The semi-automatic model is compact in structure, stable in operation and low in maintenance cost.
The power of the whole machine is only 6.8Kw, and the use cost is very low.
The packaging effect is the same as that of the cigarette. The packaged product has a beautiful appearance and the user is easy to open and seal. It also functions as moisture, dust, oil and anti-counterfeiting.
perfume box wrapping machine price
Installation of Automatic Cellophane Box Packaging Machine:
The machine should be placed horizontally on the indoor cement foundation, and a 10mm thick rubber sheet of the same shape should be placed under the foot to avoid damage to the ground and displacement during long-term use. After the fuselage is installed, continue to install the relevant accessories (dray and discharge hopper).
a) Please read this manual carefully before using the machine to avoid damage to the machine due to misuse;
b) The machine should be equipped with full-time staff to operate and regularly, maintenance;
c) Inject HJ-20 type butter into the pendulum cam oil tank once before starting;
d) For safe production, access the ground wire at the specified location of the signage;
e) The machine should be kept clean and beautiful, and the cover should be scrubbed with a soft cloth slightly with water.
f) If not used for a long time, please clean the cutting part (with xylene or butanol);
g) When the machine is found to be out of sync (leading or lagging), stop the inspection immediately to avoid damage to other components.


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