Perfume Box Wrapping Machine|Cellophane Over Wrapping Machine For Perfume

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Cellophane Over Wrapping Machine is widely applied in the products, such as Medical box, Gum, Health products, Tea-leaf, Cubic-sugar, Disk, condom, Cigarette, tape, Poker, Soap, Square-shape battery, and etc. Cellophane Overwrapping machine is also known as cellophane wrapping machine is majorly used for perfume carton wrapping, perfume box wrapping.
Achieving the perfect product appearance: The cellophane over wrapping machine can semi or fully automate the process of achieving exact perfect “wrapped by hand” looking cartons every time, with no scratches or imperfections. Our overwrappers accurately position the film and apply heat only at discreet points to produce a very tight, high quality wrap. 

perfume box wrapping machine

Perfume box overwrapping machine is majorely used for clear film wrapping for perfume box, also can be used to wrap other kinds of boxes, like cigarettle box, soap box, condom box, medical box, gum, tea box, etc. This box overwrapping machine comes in category of wrapping machine for sealing of cartons.
The perfume box overwrapping machine manufactured by LONGER Machinery provides high work speed from-40-200 packages one minute. Range of sealing bar widths and a multiple sealing bar option. For all applications that require longitudinal sealing on the bottom of the product. There are a number of different feeding systems although the standard one has push rods. Provide good protection to products to dustproof waterproof.

Main features of perfume box overwrapping machine:
Compact struction & reliable quality Adopt PLC control and world famous electric components, friendly operation interface, easy to operate and reliable quality. Text display all working parameters on the LCD, easy for operation. Intelligent mulfunction diagnose software, provide friendly and powerful help. Double frequency transducer, stepless variable speed. easy and accurate to cutting bag. Save time and film. Driving system is compact and reliable. Reliable working & easy to maintain. Optic track device make the cutting and sealing be more accurate. Various of feed is optional for different products.

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