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LGBTB-300A Automatic Small Gift Box Film Packaging Machine

  • Material: BOPP film
  • Capacity:40~80bags/min
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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This automatic box wrapping machine is widely used in the automatic packaging of film (with gold wire) for various single-piece or piece-like collection items such as perfume box, tea box, cosmetic box, cigarette, poker, gift box, medicine box etc.
gift box wrapping machine
Performance characteristics:
1.LGBTB-300A cellophane over wrapping machine is extended for some users to package bulk items. The structure of the machine is reasonable, beautiful, stable, easy to adjust, and the photoelectric correction pattern can be packaged. Products such as soap and paper towels that are packaged in printed film.
2.The automatic cellophane film packing machine adds a thin film graphic version system based on the LGBTB-300B type. It adopts Japanese Panasonic servo motor film feeding, Siemens module control and PLC touch screen operation interface. It runs at high speed and is stable and intuitive.
* The packaging speed is adjustable. Since the machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, the packaging speed can be adjusted according to the work requirements.
* The package size range is adjustable. When the size of the package changes, the machine only needs to replace the corresponding mold and make appropriate adjustments.
box cellophane film packing machine
* Heat sealing speed adjustable. The temperature control of the heating tube is controlled by a high-quality temperature controller, which can change the heating temperature according to the external environment and keep it within the set temperature range.
* The structure design is novel and reliable. In the cam drive, a total of three cams are designed. One of the cams must complete the long seal, side seal and shape of the package at the same time.
* The safety of the machine is high. The machine uses a one-way handwheel to prevent the machine from moving backwards during manual adjustment, and the handwheel does not rotate during operation to make the operator safer. When the machine is overloaded, a more advanced and suitable safety device is designed to protect the main components of the machine from damage.
Technical Data
Model LGBTB-300A
Packaging material  BOPP film and gold wire
Packing speed  40~80bags/min
Maximum package size  (L)240×(W)120×(H)60mm  
Power and total power  220V 50Hz  5kw 
Machine weight  600kg 
Machine dimensions (L)2000×(W)700×(H)1400mm 


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