Tableware Packaging Machine Sold To Malaysia

Editor:Ella, time:2017-03-24 Email:
Welcome Mr. Mokhtar Friend from Malaysia to visit our company (Longer Company), customers to Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport, the company arranged to car to the airport reception. the customer has booked a pillow packaging machine in our company, packing chopsticks, paper towels and spoons together.
1. Dual frequency simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance, wear less, long life
2.The package speed and bag length are controlled by dual frequency converter. Continuously variable, wide range of adjustment, with the production line before the process to match.
3. Highly sensitive electric eye automatically track accurately.
4. The sealing temperature independent control, suitable for a variety of packaging materials, sealing beautiful and solid.
5. Can be installed intermittent inflatable device, spray alcohol equipment and coding machine