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Disposable Tableware Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine

  • Application:Spoon,Knife,Fork,Tableware
  • Country Of Origin:China
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Disposable tableware flow wrapping machine is a kind of pillow type packaging machine or flow wrap machine, the use of computer PLC control, measurement accuracy, simple operation, only need to set the parameters in the display frequency, the machine will automatically complete the packaging, cutting, sealing, counting and other functions. If the machine fails, the system will automatically detect.
tableware flow wrapping machine
Features of tableware flow wrapping machine:
1.The use of high-quality dual-frequency simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance, less wear and long life.
2. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, so that more accurate sealing and cutting position.
3. An independent temperature PID control, suitable for all kinds of material packaging.
4. All the control by the software to facilitate the functional adjustment and technology upgrades.
5. The transmission table is stainless steel, the host part of the paint. Can also be made according to customer demand all stainless steel.
automatic tableware packaging machine
Automatic tableware packaging machine is suitable for packaging bread, biscuit, cereal bars, peanut chikki, chocolate bar, popsicles, instant noodles, fresh fruit/vegateable, mask and so on. The machine is with high speed, high efficiency, stable operation, simple operation, low failure rate and convenient maintenance. The horizontal tableware flow wrapper can optional automatic coding machine, automatic drilling device, nitrogen filling device, etc.

Technical Data
Model CKZS-400 CKZS-450 CKZS-450X
Width Of Packing Film (mm) max400 max450 max450
Width Of Bag(mm) 50-180 50-180 50-180
Product Height(mm) max45 Max80 max8
Film roll Diameter(mm) 320 320 320
Packing speed(bag/min) 40-230 40-230 40-230
Machine Domensions(mm) 4020*770*1450 4020*820*1450 4020*820*1450
Machine Weight(Kg) 900 900 900


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