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Stick Noodles Weighing Packing Machine Spaghetti Pouch Packing Plant

  • Application:spaghetti,stick noodle, vermicelli
  • Country Of Origin:China
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The stick noodle packaging machine is designed with the function of weighing and feeding, which can be used for the packaging of long products such as vermicelli, spaghetti, stick noodle etc, and the products can be packaged into flat or three-dimensional shape through packaging materials.
stick noodle packing machine for sale
The bulk vermicelli, pasta, rice noodles and other strips are packaged into flat or three-dimensional products through packaging materials through the processes of automatic weighing, lifting, automatic sorting, transportation, and packaging.
Advantages of stick noodle packing machine:
★The main machine of the reciprocating packaging machine has fast packaging speed and stable operation
★ The M three-dimensional bag has a good effect, and the horizontal seal is flat and wrinkle-free
★The weighing base is counterweight, the hopper with the new structure is not deformed, and the whole machine runs smoothly and has high precision
★The double chain structure of the conveyor line realizes high-speed operation, no surface, no elastic surface, new type of secondary material collecting hopper, and the outlet is flush, which is more efficient and stable
★High yield, above 98%
spaghetti weighing packing machine
Automatic stick noodle weighing packing machine is perfect for rice vermicelli, stick noodles, spaghetti etc, apply to the weighing, lifting, filling and packing of stick noodles and spaghetti. The machine is multi-functional, various products and size available; PLC Touch screen operation, easy to operate and understand; High speed, connectable to various feeder line.


Technical Data
Model CK-220XSE
Working objec Stick noodles, Spaghetti
Noodle length 100g~500g: (180mm~260mm)±5.0mm
Noodle thickness 0.6mm~1.4mm
Noodle width 0.8mm~3.0mm
Packing speed 30~60bags/min
Weighting scope 100-1000g
Values set up digital input
Values showed precisely To 0.1g
Zero adjustment Automatic or manual
Weighting speed and precision 100g~500g, ±2.0g≥96%
  200g~1000g, ±3.0g≥96%
Voltage single-phase AC220v/50-60HZ 5800W
Size 6700mm×3400mm×1650mm 


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