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Automatic Bakery Flow Wrapping Biscuit Packaging Machine For Sale

  • Application:Biscuits, candy, cakes, cookie etc
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Phone/WhatsApp 0086-18538123076
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This type of pillow type biscuit packaging machine is mainly used for packing food without pallets. It is suitable for packing biscuits, bread, cakes, cupcakes, vegetables, fruits, chocolate, disposable cutlery, nut brittle bars, instant noodles, soap, medicine and parts.
biscuit bakery flow wrapping machine
Main features of biscuit flow wrap packaging machine:
1. Convenient operation, high quality, stable performance.
2. With frequency control, continuous change, photoelectric detection and two-way dogging, can eliminate available the packing error.
3. Controlled assembly by PLC to reduce the trouble spot.
4. High sensitivity photoelectric color mark tracking, digital input sealing and cutting position, so that more accurate sealing and cutting position.
5. Temperature independent PID control, suitable for all kinds of packaging materials.
cupcake flow wrapping machine for sale
Bakery biscuit flow wrapping machine is compact mechanical structure design, double inverter control, stable running, easy repair and maintenance, less breakdown and low noise. With superb intelligent touch screen and individual digital display temperature control system, it is simple to set parameters and convenient to change product size.

Technical Data
Model CKZS450X CKZS350X
Width Of Packing Film (mm) max450 max350
Width Of Bag(mm) 50-180 50-160
Product Height(mm) max80 max45
Film roll Diameter(mm) 320 320
Packing speed(bag/min) 40-230 40-230
Machine Domensions(mm) 4020*820*1450 4020*745*1450
Machine Weight(Kg) 900 900


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