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Tea Bag Packaging Machine|Tea Bagging Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2019-06-20 Email: sales@longerinc.com
Tea is a dry product, easy to moisture moisture and produce qualitative change, it is moisture, odor adsorption is very strong, and the aroma and volatile. As the brewed tea brew fast, clean, the amount of standard, you can mix, slag convenient, easy to carry, etc., to meet the needs of modern fast-paced life in the international market is very popular. There are some types of tea bags commonly seen in our daily life. 
tea bag packaging machine
1. Single layer tea bag packing
This machine is mainly used to pack suitable for tea, herbal tea, health tea and other small particles grassroots class of bag disposable packaging.
2. Double chamber tea bag with inner and outer packing
This machine adopts PID regulator temperature controller, temperature control more accurate. The inner bag is with weight range from 1g to 5g, and the outer envelope paper by the stepper motor control, bag length stable, accurate positioning.
3. Pyramid tea bag packing
Triangle or Pyramid Tea Bag|Sachet Packaging machine machine are mainly used for packing Tea/herbal/Coffee etc small particles of inside and outside the bag of disposable packaging.You can provide us the special size of the bag you want to make,then we recommend the most suitable model for you.
4. Round tea bag packing
This round tea bag packing machine is mainly used to make the round tea bag.It can be done automatically bag, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and batch printing functions can be configured according to customer requirements.
When you plan to start a business for making tea bag, please consider what kind of tea bag that you want to pack, and then we can suggest you suitable tea bag packaging machine.

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