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Tea Bag Packing Material

Editor:Katherine time:2023-01-30 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
At present, the tea bag packing material on the market mainly include filter paper, non-woven fabric, nylon, corn fiber, pure cotton, plastic and so on.
tea bags
Filter paper tea bag: Filter paper is made of plant fiber or chemical fiber. The former is generally used to make tea bags. The biggest disadvantage of filter paper is that it is not transparent, and basically the tea leaves inside cannot be seen.
Non-woven tea bag: Non-woven fabrics are generally made of polypropylene, that is, pp material, and then a series of processing is performed after high-temperature melting and spinning. Many traditional teabags are made of non-woven materials, because the cost is relatively low and relatively safe. However, non-woven fabrics also have obvious shortcomings, that is, the permeability and permeability are not good, and the stretch of tea leaves cannot be seen after being soaked in water.
Nylon tea bag: Nylon tea bags are more popular, because nylon tea bags have better permeability and permeability, and it is easy to make soup when soaked in water. and can see the stretch of tea leaves, which makes people happy physically and mentally.
Corn Fiber Tea Bags: Common corn fiber, one is imported from Japan, PLA, which is polylactic acid. The other is corn fiber cloth imported from the UK, both of which are made of natural and environmentally friendly corn fiber. Because corn fiber tea bags are healthier but more expensive, many nylon tea bags are used instead of corn fiber tea bags on the market.
Cotton tea bags: The biggest advantage of cotton tea bags is that they are natural, environmentally friendly and good for your health. It is difficult to see the tea leaves stretching inside the tea bag.
I believe that everyone already has a certain understanding of the packaging material of tea bags. No matter which packaging material you choose, we can provide you with suitable tea packaging equipment. If you have any needs, please contact us.


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