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Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine Price

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What is the automatic shrink wrapping price? The machine made in our company is about 5000USD-10000USD. According to different models, the price of the machine will vary. And the automatic ones are more expensive than the semi-automatic ones.
Why are automatic machines more expensive than semi-automatic?
1. In general, the higher the degree of automation, the higher the price of the machine. Because it uses more advanced technology.
2. Faster speed and labor saving.
3. Simple operation, continuous work, creating more value
Working principle of automatic shrink wrapping machine:
It uses the heat shrinkable film to heat at a high temperature, and the irregular arrangement of atoms changes drastically. Under the irradiation of infrared radiation, the plastic molecules re-move and the arrangement changes, so that the atoms can be changed by heating. Rearrangement causes the area of the product to be greatly reduced. In this way, it can more closely fit the finished product that the manufacturer wants to package and process, and can quickly wrap a layer of film on the product.
shrink wrapping machine 

Automatic shrink wrapping machine features:
1. The cutter is made of Teflon coated anti-adhesive and high-aluminum composite knife, the seal will not split, coking, smoke and zero pollution.
2. Equipped with imported detection photoelectric and relay. (Using Omron Optoelectronics).
3. Automatic feeding, the length is automatically adjusted by a delay switch.
4. Equipped with an induction motor, it can automatically take up waste materials.
5. When the size of the package changes, the adjustment is very simple, without changing the mold and bag maker.
6. The sealing and cutting knife has anti-cut function, so you don't have to worry about cutting the package by mistake.
If you want to get the actual price of the automatic shrink wrapping machine, you can tell us the product you want to pack, then we will match the suitable model for you and tell you the price.

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