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Where Can I Buy A Wonderful Washing Powder Packaging Machine?

Editor:Katherine time:2019-06-13 Email: [email protected]
The set of Detergent powder packing machine is particularly suitable for ultra-fine powder materials such as (chicken powder, milk powder, soybean meal, five-spice powder, flour, curry powder, garlic powder, baking powder, chili powder tender meat powder, corn flour, milk powder, glutinous rice flour, sesame seeds Starch, cinnamon powder, pepper, yam powder, garlic powder corn soup, pepper powder titanium dioxide, raw powder of beef powder, ribs powder, custard powder, sweet potatoes, sweet potato powder, rice flour, Powder, wheat flour cake powder, cake powder, jelly powder, black pepper, Orleans roasted chicken powder, star anise, hot pot ingredients, pot bottom material, Shi Sanxiang powder, dumpling powder) packaging measurement, Packaging, sealing, printing, counting in one.
powder packing machine
The advantages of Washing Power Packaging Machine:
1, Auger filler is driven by servomotor to reach the goal of mixing,metering and filling material,have advantage of sensitive operation ,quick measuring flow property powder;
2, Suitable for metering flow property powder;
3, Stainless open type material box,which is convenient to clean and meet the requirements of enterprise safety and health management.
4, Simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance.
5, This detergent pwoder packing machine uses a screw feed, independent material mixing system, servo coding, microcomputer control technology is the biggest selling point of the machine.Combined with coding, control in one with a sensitive action, noise, stability, reliability, measurement speed, high precision,also has a measurement count display.
6, For measuring easy flow or poor liquidity of the powder material.
7, This detergent powder packing machine can complete the measurement, filling, nitrogen and other work, driven by the servo motor screw rotation to achieve the purpose of measuring the filling material.
8, Open-type stainless steel box clean-up convenience, in line with enterprise safety and health management requirements.

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