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Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2016-12-27 Email: [email protected]
Equipment Type: LGFH-130
FH-130 round bottle labeling machine has the following characteristics: 1. The machine uses automated man-machine interface, simple and convenient. Just click to complete the appropriate action. 2. All the major parts of stainless steel, to the relevant national standards, the appearance of new and beautiful. 3. Automatic label counting, you can record the output of each shift to facilitate production management. 4. Labels run out automatically, you can set the number of production classes, run out automatically. 5. Can be connected to production, can also be an independent production. Can be configured according to customer requirements, batch production, time synchronization printing.
The main purpose:
FH-130 vertical round bottle labeling machine is mainly used in cosmetics, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Performance characteristics:
1. Imported electromagnetic clutch, high precision.
2. Advanced aluminum alloy anode treatment, longer life.
3. The name of the plant to meet the large motor load, long operation.
4. All parts and standards are made of stainless steel refining.
5. PLC control, man-machine interface control panel more contemporary
6. Import inspection standard light even, to ensure high accuracy.
7. It can be labeled double-label or multi-label round bottle.
8. Labeling can be a code such as: production date: Dec 26, 2016

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