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Packaging Equipment Needed For Pure Water Pouch Business

Editor:Katherine time:2017-09-06 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
water pouch packaging machine
Autopackm.com offers packaging equiment needed for pure water business. This water pouch packaging machine is high precision packing machine and the most advanced liquid packing machine in China, which is three side sealing and intermittent type. It can automatically complete bag-making, filling, sealing, printing, cutting and counting. Controlled by microprocessor and automatic photoelectric positioning, positioning is precise and stable. This water pouch packaging machien is widely used to pack all kinds of liquid without gas, especially wine, soybean milk, juice, oil and mineral water. 
Bag-making automatically. UV sterilizer. Vertical cutting hot seal and horizontal cutting hot seal, cutting and sealing automatically, printing production date, high precision and stable filling, photoelectric positioning device, make all bags with the same picture, logo and description, the temperature of heat-sealing is controlled automatically.
The water pouch packaging machine rack is made of stainless steel, the sanitation is guaranteed, and durable. The overall machine is nice, which occupies a limited area and use sufficiently the space in vertical direction.


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