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Working Principle of Cement packing machine

Editor:Katherine time:2017-01-06 Email: isle@cankeytech.com

Autopackm.com is the packing unit of LONGER Machinery which offers different types of cement packing machines, from single spout to 8-spout, from capacity 15tons/h to 150tons/h. Today we will share the Working principles of Cement Packing Machine, taking LG-8 torary cement packing machine as example:
Working principles of LG-8 Cement Packing Machine: In spiral cement packing plant, traditional ash conveyance by impeller is changed into spiral ash conveyance by bulking and thereby the problem of high firing rate of ash conveyance by impeller. With pneumatic components such as air compressor, magnetic valve and air cylinder, this equipment realizes such automation functions as packing bag compaction, loosening, automatic ash discharging and bag falling through mechanical and electrical integration.
Rotary packing machine is a new-type packing machine developed against influence of cement impurities in open-circuit mill on packing. It has overcome the problems such as poor measurement and serious ash leakage of shutter in mechanized kiln for controlling ash discharge. It completes the procedures of ash discharge and stopping through using electromagnetic valves and air cylinder to control the loosening and closing of rubber hose, and thereby reduces the maintenance cost and thoroughly solve the problem of large packing dust.

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