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Surgical GlovesFlow Wrap Packaging Machine CkZS320

  • Material:glove,wipes,playing card etc.
  • Capacity:30-180 pcs per minute
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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This glove packaging machine is PLC programmable control system, the touch screen man-machine interface, the operation is simple. (can packaging such as gloves, toothbrushes, wipes, playing cards, accessories, etc.), through Setting parameters via the touch screen,the machine automatically set the code -Bag making - feeding - material filling - sealing - measurementand and other. With the packaging speed, stable performance and so on! Very popular with food, medicine, daily necessities and other industries.
wipe packing machine
Features of the machine:
1. Dual frequency control, the bag automatically cut off long, no items are not packaged, saving time and film.
2. PLC control interface, only need to set parameters, the machine automatically complete the packaging.
3. Fault self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance.
4. High sensitivity photoelectric color tracking, digital input sealing and cutting position, so that more accurate sealing and cutting position.
5. Independent PID temperature control, suitable for all kinds of packaging materials.
7. A wide range of packaging, size can be adjusted within the scope,

A picture of our installation and debugging for the our customer:
Technical Data
Model  CKZS320
Width Of Packing Film (mm) max320
Width Of Bag(mm) 50-160
Product Height(mm) max45
Film roll Diameter(mm) 320
Packing speed(bag/min) 40-230
Machine Domensions(mm) 3370*720*1450
Machine Weight(Kg) 900


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