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Automatic Lime Powder Packaging Machine

  • Material:lime powder,cement,mortar,and other powder
  • Capacity:80-120tons/h
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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Rotary Lime Packing Machine adopts the main drive system of frequency conversion speed regulation, the rotary structure of center feeding, the automatic control mechanism of mechatronics and the automatic measuring device of microcomputer. We have 1-8 mouth cement / lime packing machine, according to the customer's production recommended for your machine
rotary lime packing machine
In addition to manually insert the bag. Through the touch screen settings, the system will automatically Open the valve, weighing, filling cement or lime, out of bags, counting and other functions. If the bag weight can not reach the standard value, the machine will not drop the bag; if bag accidentally falls,valve will immediately shut down automatically, stop filling. So that equipment operation more simple, more convenient maintenance, to achieve stable performance, accurate measurement, a quick ash, good sealing, energy efficient features. Therefore, it is ideal for cement manufacturers filling the bag.
powder packaging machine
Technical Data
LG-8 Lime Powder  Packing Machine -Full Set Equipment
No. Name Unit Quantity Specification
1 LG-8 Rotary Cement Packing Machine Set 1 8 filling mouths
2 Vibration Screen Set 1 120T
3 Pneumatic Valve Set 1 300
4 Spiral Gate Piece 1 400*400
5 Rigid Impeller Feeder Set 1 400*400
6 Bags Picking Machine Set 1 800*2500
7 Bags Collating Unit Set 1  
8 Bags Clearance Unit Set 1  
9 Electric Cabinet Piece 10  
Automatic Self Loader-Full set (Including Conveying Belt)
10 Automatic Self Loader Unit Set 1 12M
Lifting Machines-Full Set Lifting Machines and Conveyors
11 Lifting Machines Unit Set 1 NE150×16


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