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LGLF-280 Milk Powder Packet Packaging Machine

  • Material:All kinds of powder
  • Capacity:10-120 ml
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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This Automatic milk powder packing machine adopts microcomputer control, an induction signal processed and set by the microcomputer, control two stepper motor synchronization work, bag length, feeding position, feeding speed, positioning, automatic fault diagnosis and display on the screen.
milk powder packing machine
This powder packing machine can finish bagging, material feeding, counting, sealing, printing, restricting quantities,closing down, cutting and a series of actions automatically, which is suitable for packaging of foods, cosmetics, spices, drugs (such as milk powder, bean milk powder, walnut powder, detergent power, five spice powder, oatmeal, talcum etc. and non sticky powder).
The packing material includes olyester / polyethylene, nylon composite film, composite film, BOPP, etc.. Packing weight adjustment, increase or decrease the number of universal cup in the turntable can be completed.Applicable to the pharmaceutical, health food, milk powder, soy milk powder manufacturers. This machine can be used for the three side sealing, four side sealing these two kinds of sealing mode.
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Technical Data
 Model LGLF-280
Total Power 220v/1.8KW
Measuring range 10-120ml
Membrane width range 60-280mm
Bag Size Marking L:30-180mm w:20-130mm
Machine Size 720*980*1680mm
Weight 350kg
The Thickness of The Packing Film 0.03mm-0.07mm


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