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Automatic Grain Weighing Packaging Machine Price

  • Material:candy,nuts,raisins,peanuts,etc
  • Capacity:10-50 bags/min
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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The automatic grain weighing packaging machine is suitable for automatic filling and packaging of solid materials such as grains, candy, nuts, dried fruits, raisins, peanuts, melon seeds, potato chips, chocolate, biscuits, etc.the machine composition:eight station rotary bag machine,10 1.6L electronic combination scal,Z-type material conveyor with vibration device,support platform.
bags filling machine
Eight station rotary bag machine:
suitable for bag type:Stand-up pouch, tote bag, zipper bag, four-side bag, three-side bag, paper bag, M-fold bag or other compound bag.
Electronic combination scale machine:
1. Scope of application: Weighing of various granular, strip, powder and other materials. Such as melon seeds, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts, candy, jelly, beans, frozen food, pet food, all kinds of snack foods, hardware and daily chemicals.
2. Product Features:
· Modular control system, easy maintenance and low cost
·Professional digital weighing module (A/D module), good stability, high precision, A/D modules are interchangeable
·Set different rights management, easy to use, easy to manage
·Stepper motor drive is modular, easy to maintain and low cost
Z-type material hoist with vibration device machine
The hoist is suitable for vertical lifting of pellets in the food, food, feed and chemical sectors. The hoist is driven by the chain drive to lift the hopper for vertical conveying of particles and small pieces of material, which has the advantages of large lifting capacity and high lifting degree.
Support platform machine
It is used to support 10 electronic combination scales.The platform is firm and not easy to shake, beautiful and generous, the countertop is made of non-slip pattern aluminum plate, and the surrounding fence is practical and safe.
Technical Data
Model LG-300
Eight-station rotary bag machine
10 head electronic scales Z type material hoist
Prefabricated bag specifications Length 90-400mm 
Width 150-300mm
Optional device Tread plate / collecting
hopper / dispensing device
/ 10 inch touch
Lifting height: can be
determined by the customer (2-10m)
Total power: 1000w
Packing speed 10-50 bags/min (speed is
determined by product attributes
and fill level))
Single weighing range 5-6500 grams   Lifting speed: 0-17m/min Lifting capacity: 5.5
cubic meters / hour
Fill range 5-1000g Weighing accuracy range Within ±2 grams Specifications: can be made according to customer's
requirements, carbon steel spray or stainless steel,
the contact with the material is food grade plastic
Packaging accuracy ≤±1% Maximum speed 55 packs / minute
Air consumption ≤0.5m3/min Hopper capacity 1600 ml
power 2.2kw monitor 7-inch touch screen
power supply 380V 50Hz/60Hz power supply AC220V/110V ±10%
50Hz (60Hz)
    total weight 420kg


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