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Roasted Nuts Filling Machine|Roasted Peanut Filling Machine

  • Material:roasted nuts
  • Capacity:400 bags/H
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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This model of our packing machine can not only be used for roasted nuts, it can be also used for filling fertilizer granules.Our packing machine is according to the national GMP standard designed, it is designed specifically for granular materials, such as manufacturing, can automatically complete measuring, filling, etc. Suitable for packaging of various granular materials, such as sugar, salt, washing powder, seeds, rice, gourmet powder, milk powder, coffee, sesame etc daily food, condiment, etc.
roasting filling machine
Advantages of the roasted nut filling machine:
This product is after good engineers carefully study designed, this large capacity filling machine has microcomputer control, photoelectric technology, high precision, fast speed, good quality, solve the traditional packaging cumbersome process. An automatic controller is equivalent to several of the workers' labor, is a good helper of production factory and shops.Since controlled by microcomputer, make packaging more precise, fast, fully automated packaging processThe materials of contacting parts are all made of stainless steel material, will not pollute materials.
1.Operating system interface, simple operation and easy to understand, our large capacity filling machine adopts PLC control, advanced technology, the use of is more reliable.Besides, we use DC double vibrator feeding, so it is much faster and higher in precision.
2.Double hopper feeding or parallel alternately feeding is both ok, so customers can choose the model by themselves. Though our machine has a large capacity, but the power is small, saves energy.
3.In addition, our machine can display the packing weight and package bags number, and the packing speed is adjustable.
4.You can set the weighing excessive alarm, too. The machine is made of stainless steel, never rust.
Technical Data
Model LG-03
Gas pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa(Self-provided air source)
Power 400w
Packing Speed 400 bags/H
Weight 300kg
Dimension 1140*640*2300mm
Packing weight 13-15kg
Material Full stainless steel 304


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