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Semi-automatic Racking Packing Machine|Particles Packing Machine

  • Material:dog feed pellet,wheat,or other powder or particles
  • Capacity:7-20bag/min
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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This is a racking machine can pack corns, wheat, barley, and other grains, besides, it can also pack tea, buttons, rice,seeds and other particles, in addition, our packing machine is also can be used for packing flour and other powders.You can choose use one vibrator or two vibrators. This model of racking machine is mainly discharges materials by vibrator, so one vibrator is a little slow, but if you use two vibrators, it will be more quickly. Our customers can choose the suitable model as his need.
powder filling machine
Advantages of the packing machine:
1.This packing/filling machine has a widely usage, it can be used in many industries:Fine powder, like flour, milk powder, wall powder, chemical powder, edible powder, coffee powder, the powder, coarse,granular, herbs, seeds, food, sesame seeds, grains, wolfberry, rice, MSG, salt suitable items, spices,beans, chemical components, electronic components, hardware components, because too much can be divided into the shop loaded items only briefly.
2.It has features of reasonable design, reliable performance, long and durable life time,filling precisely and convenient use and maintenance, etc.
3.Our packing machine can be customized, the hopper capacity is about 15kg, you can choose a filling weight, we have 1-500g and 1-1000g machines for your reference, you can choose models according to your own need.
Features of the machine:
1.Reasonable design,
2.Reliable performance, 
3.Long and durable life time.
4.Filling precisely
5.Convenient use and maintenance, etc.

Technical Data
Model LGYJZ-F1000
Voltage 220v
Power 0.05kw
Packing Speed 7-20bag/min
Weight 44kg
Dimension 410*510*1420(mm)
Bucket Size H:40CM   L:40CM
Packing weight 20-500g(Can be customized)
Accuracy 0-0.2g
(Does not have the function of sealing)


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