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Small Capacity Hot Sale Peanut Filling Machine|Semi-automatic Filling Machine

  • Material:particle
  • Capacity:13-35 bag/Min
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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This machine is not limited by the restriction of packaging container, it is suitable for occasions where the varieties of materials and the packaging specifications frequently change. When the packaging specifications is or is less than 1000 grams,the two scales take turns feeding materials, when the packaging specifications is more than1000 grams, then the two scales feeding materials in parallel.When adjusting the machine, to use proper tool, it is forbidden to use tools too much or too hard to split a part avoid attaint parts or affect machine performance.
peanut filling machine
Advantages of the machine:
1.Our this type of filling machine has a wide scope of application, it can be used for grains, detergent, sugars, salt, seeds, and other materials.
2.This filling machine’s design is vibration feeding, electronic scales, and weighing equipment overcome the measurement error caused by changing in specific gravity and shortcomings. 
3.It adopts digital display, simple and intuitive, with continuous adjustable packing specification, working condition any transformation, the operation is very simple. Besides, for easily to produce dust material on the mouth,the filling machine can be equipped with our unique design of dust removal interface or dust collection device if customers want, then the machine will not make your factory or house dirty.
Technical Data
Model LG-02
Voltage 220v 50hz
Power 0.5kw
Packing Speed 13-35 bag/Min
Weight 200kg
Dimension 870*880*2000(mm)
Packing weight 100-1000g(Can be adjusted)
Material Full stainless steel 304


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