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Chips Nuts Powder Vertical Weighing Packaging Machine

  • Material:nuts,seeds,chips,beans,powder,etc
  • Capacity:600-1200 pcs / hour
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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The chips snacks nuts powder filling machine weighing packaging machine consists of frame, feeder, hopper and electrical box four parts. When the work begins, two feeders work at the same time, the feeding process is controlled by the sensor output signal and it is continuously sampled and compared with the broad weighing value at any time, when the weight of the material is not less than the broad weighing value, large automatic stop feeder vote, leaving a small cast of fine feeder continue feeding, and compared with the target, when heavy feed close to the reference value (reference value = net value - fall value), stop feeding and wait for the operator bagging, when bagging operation, the sensor switch to switch the instrument sends a signal, unloading machine, without bagging machine operation waits until bagging discharge.
powder filling machine
1)weight range: 100-2500g
2)in a quantitative manner: Electronic weighing measurement
3)measurement accuracy: X (0.2) level
4)Working speed: 600-1200 pcs / hour
5)A / D conversion rate: 200 times / sec
6)peeled cycle: Adjustable
7)the whole dynamic consumption: ≤500W
Technical Data
Weight range 100-2500g
measurement accuracy  X (0.2) level
Working speed 600-1200pcs / hour
A / D conversion rat 200 times / sec
peeled cycl Adjustable
the whole dynamic consumption ≤500W


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