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Liquid Milk & Juice Automatic Filling Capping Machine Price

  • Application:juice,water,milk,beer,wine,alcohol,etc
  • Country Of Origin:China
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Liquid milk or juice filling capping machine is multi-purpose for filling all kinds of bottle types,like sweet milk, mango juice, orange juice, mineral water, beer, wine, alcohol,etc. The liquid filling machine has simple and reasonable structure, high accuracy, simple operation, humanized design, which meets the requirements of modern enterprises, and is widely used in medicine, daily chemical, food industry, etc.
automatic liquid filling capping machine
Features of auttomatic liquid milk filling machine
1. Chinese and English interface operation, convenient
2. Straight line design, convenient for connection with other machines.
3. According to the bottle size, the filling height can be adjusted
Bottle cleaning machine: The machine is composed of stainless steel water pump, high-pressure nozzle, electrical box, and high-pressure recoil spray washing.
Liquid filling machine: all rotating discs are made of stainless steel SUS304. The filling method is gravity filling. The filling valve has a reasonable structure design and accurate filling volume.
Sealing machine: The capping machine is a single machine with ultra-high precision in the three-in-one machine, which has a great impact on the reliability of the equipment operation and the defective rate of the product. The cap lock cylinder at the connection of the cap plate interlocks to control the discharge of the cap, to ensure that the cap is stopped when there is no bottle, and the loss of the user cap is reduced.
liquid filling capping machine

1.This automatic bottle filling machine is with small volume and light weight, which convenient to operate and maintain.
2.This automatic bottle filling machine , wine bottle filler can be used for non-air drinks such as fruit juice, vinegar,wine,fruit wine, mineral water and pure water.
3.This automatic bottle filling machine adopts the electric device as it's power,which is easy to contral.
4.Automatic bottle filling machine is assured one year guarantee and lifelong maintance, if any part is demaged , we can offer a new one without charge. 
5.Machine adopts very simple electric controller and very easy adjustment suit for various types of bottles. it is the ideal line for beverage makers.


Technical Data
Model CK-GZ18/24/32TS
Filling Bottle PET bottle,glass bottle
Measuring range 350-2680ML
Bottle Size ∅60-∅112mm,height180-330mm
Packing Speed 5000-18000bottle/h
Filling valve number 18-32
Voltage 380VAC/50HZ
Power 2.5-7.5KW
Dimensions 3400L×3000W×2700H
Weight 4000KG-9000KG
Precision ≤±1%


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