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  • Application:Honey,sauce, etc
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The automatic honey bottle filling machine is to sense the up and down movement of the cylinder and simultaneously drive the piston in the corresponding cylinder to reciprocate, so that the front cavity of the cylinder generates negative pressure, and the stroke of the cylinder is controlled by the signal switch, which can adjust the filling volume to achieve accurate filling results.
honey filling machine price
The automatic linear bottle filling machine produced by our company has been redesigned on the basis of referring to similar foreign products, and added some additional functions. Make the product more simple and convenient in operation, accuracy error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and so on.
Full-automatic piston-type paste filling machine is suitable for filling liquid and cream products with different viscosities, and is widely used in daily chemical, food, medicine, oil and other industries. 
honey bottle filling machine price
The design of this series honey bottle filling machine is compact and reasonable, and the appearance is simple and beautiful. Using Taiwan Airtac pneumatic components and Taiwan Delta electronic control components, excellent quality components to ensure its excellent quality and long-lasting and stable performance. The automatic piston paste filling machine series are easy to maintain and do not require any special Sex. It is really easy to adjust, no bottle and no filling, accurate filling quantity, and has counting function.
This honey filling packaging equipment will be affected by the following factors during the work process:
1. The filling accuracy of the filling machine will be affected by the stability of the air pressure, the uniformity of the material, and the filling speed.
2. The filling speed of the filling machine will be impacted by the following factors: the viscosity of the material, the size of the filling volume, the size of the filling nozzle, and the speed of the conveyor.

For Semi-automatic Honey Filling Machine:
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For Sachet Honey Packaging Machine:

Technical Data
  Filling range100-1000ML
Voltage AC:1P  220V
Current U:5A
Power 1000W
Filling speed 4-20bottles/min
Rated air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Filling accuracy ±111 %


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