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Automatic Disinfectant Liquid Linear Filling Machine Price

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  • Capacity:can be customized
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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Automatic disinfectant linear filling machine is widely used in liquid filling like antiseptic liquid, Anti Corrosion liquid, strong 84 etc, mouthwash. We choose the filling heads according to production capacity buyers want per hour. 
automatic linear liquid filling machine
Major characteristics on this automatic linear liquid filling machine
This non-metal filling machine specially designed for strong acid and alkali product, such as: hydrochloric acid products bleach.
(1)PLC controlled, friendly touch screen control.
(2) Famous brand electrical and pneumatic components used to guarantee machines quality and long life service time.
(3) Vacuum suck back for dripping can be special designed for foamy product.
(4) All wetted parts are made of non-metal materials, anti-corrosion.
(5)Not only whole filling heads can be adjusted, but each filling head can be fine-adjusted respectively.
(6)Bottle inlet counting, quantitative filling, bottle outlet counting, and serious motions can be done automatically.
(7)Simple structure, easy operation, Low noise, reliable running, accurate filling.
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