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Automatic Filling Machine For Liquid Detergent Bottles On Sale

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Cankey filling machine for liquid detergent is designed to meet the changing needs of the Laundry Detergent industry, perfectly for filling liquid soap or detergent, hand sanitizer, cleanser essence, cream, soy, shampoo, cosmetics etc.
automatic liquid detergent filling machine
Filling of liquid detergents requires specialised equipment because of the foaming nature of the product. Some detergents can also be corrosive, making traditional filling solutions impractical. A modern, purpose-designed filling system for corrosive detergents provides the most efficient and cost-effective solution for these products.
detergent liquid filling machine
Features of automatic liquid detergent filling machine:
♢PLC computer control piston operation, with photoelectric conversion and pneumatic action of high-tech filling equipment.
♢Automatic filling machine is made of stainless steel, quality assurance.
♢Select PLC control system, touch screen operation panel can save multi-groups of datas;
♢Adopt lifting filling, ensure no bobble;
♢Filling nozzles with anti-leaking function;
♢Easy to operate, no bottle no filling, auto orientation detection;

Technical Data
Model GT6T-500
Filling Method Filling from the bottom, lifting while filling
Voltage 220V 50Hz Single phase
Air Supply 0.5-0.7Mpa
(Air compressor needs customer configuration)
Machine Material Food contact 304 stainless steel
Rack section 201 stainless steel
Filling Range (20-100ml)(30-300ml)(50-500ml)(100-1000ml)
You can choose a suitable range according to your filling volume
Filling Pipes 6
Filling Speed
(Depend on material and filling quantity)
1500-2100Bottles per hour
Size(L*W* H) 2500*1050*1900 mm
Weight 500kg


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