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Liquid Disinfectant Filling Equipment Packaging Systems

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  • Capacity:can be customized
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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Liquid disinfectant filling machine can effectively avoid material overflow in the filling process, to the greatest extent to prevent the pollution of the material itself to the environment. PLC system control part, weighing system, filling rack, conveying equipment and other components.
liquid disinfectant filling machine
Advantages of liquid disinfectant filling machine
◆ The system adopts programmable PLC controller and guides all Chinese operations, safe and reliable;
◆Automatic/manual filling free switching, net weight/gross weight, two kinds of filling methods freely select;
◆ A variety of formula storage, parameter password protection, to prevent operators from misoperation;
◆ Multiple smart defamatory measures to prevent misuse, leading the industry;
◆ The barrel of the irrigation gunhead will spring back without filling, avoiding damaging the surface of the barrel and preventing the leakage of materials;
◆ Intelligent identification of parameters, set up unreasonable without filling and display warning messages to prevent mis-filling.

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