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Water Juice Beer Bottling Line|Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

  • Material:beer,wine,fruit juice,water
  • Capacity:1000 bottles/hour
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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liquid Bottle Filling Machine using food grade stainless steel, high temperature, acid corrosion, in line with food hygiene standards. The introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology as the basis, according to China's liquid filling process requirements, innovation and development of an advanced level of filling equipment. gravity filling technology, high accuracy and prevent spill. Anti-drip filling valve, ensure clean filling process. Linear transmission, easy to adjust to fit most bottles (especially for un-shaped bottle) filling.
Through the touch screen touch, can automatically complete the washing bottle, transmission, filling liquid, Screw cap, printing batch number, labeling, counting and so on.
The machine is suitable for liquid filling with fast flow rate, no particles and no gas, for example: Water, wine, oil, juice, beer, soy sauce and so on.
Technical Data
Machine Name Model Unit Quantity
1.Semi-automatic Bottle Washer LGCP-32 set 1
2.Automatic 12-head Filling Machine LGZRZL-12 set 1
3.Light Inspection   set 1
4.Autoamtic Cap Sealing Machine LGZRXG-1 set 1
5.Automatic Labelling Machine LGZRTB-A set 1
6.Ink-jet Printer LGSIJ-200 set 1
7.Conveyor   Meter 10
8.Speed Control Conveyor   set 2


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