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Rotary Liquid Cups Filling Sealing Machine LG-900J|Cup Filling Machine

  • Material:ice cream,yogurt,milk,water,juice,milk tea
  • Capacity:600-700 cups/hour
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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Automatic rotary cups filling sealing machine is mainly used to fill and seal ice cream cups, yogurt cups, milk cups, pudding cups, water cups, juice cups, etc., with auto cup dropping,auto filling and sealing, and automatic film cutting, capacity 600-700 cups per hour.

Mold: Made by cnc,high precision. Using the acid aluminum alloy material, can prevent rust and corrosion. Made by CNC machine,high precision, Molds of various shapes can be customized.
Control Systems: Intelligent,Precise Movements.Omron relay ,PLC programmable control ,stable performance,the main components are well known brand.
Falling cup: Unique the linkage design. when the template to send a signal to stop, so that the cup can accurtely falls template hole.
Filling System: Customized according to the material, depending on a variety of custom material filling device,are non-contact filling, meet the health requirements.
Put Film System: Aytomatic Correction, Precise Positioning. Equipped with photoelectric tracking system, automatic film feeding, film pattern with cup accurate alignment, automatic correction,make sure the entire pattern.
Sealing System: Twice sealing,smooth film .intelligent temperature control device,temperature stable, small function range,two hot sealing(adjustable pressure), sealing smooth and beautiful.
Off Cup System: The auatomatic cups filling capping machine can be customized automated off cup systems, automaticlly afteroff cup, the cup transported to the set position.

Technical Data
Model LG-900J
Production capacity 600-700 cups/hour
Filling volume 50-300ml
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Air consumption 0.6㎥/min
Power 4kw
Dimension 1250*1250*1650mm
Weight 250kg


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