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Heat Sealable Bopp Film Of Packaging Materials|Packing Material On Sale

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The heat sealable BOPP film is a high-performance packaging film. It adopts special processing technology and has asymmetric properties on both sides. It can better adapt to high speed, low speed operation, low static electricity, high transparency, high gloss and low fog environment. Covering the product, the packaging effect is smooth and achieves a more beautiful effect.
Bopp film
The heat sealable BOPP film has the following advantages:
1. This film is environmentally friendly.
2. The film is lighter in weight.
3. It is easy to accept everywhere in the world.
4. It can reduce the product damage caused by transportation, weather and other reasons.
5. BOPP film can keep the product dry.
6. Heat-sealed BOPP packaging film has good transparency and UV resistance.
box packing material
BOPP film can be white, metallic or transparent. As a manufacturer of BOPP film, we can produce different types of film. In addition to BOPP packaging products can also be made labels, BOPP labels can also be waterproof, BOPP does not deteriorate when soaked in ice water or high humidity, BOPP made labels are very strong, compared with other excellent fatigue resistance other label materials And a degree of tolerance to common solvents, bases and acids.

Technical Data
Density 0.905g/cm3
Common thickness 18μ,19μ,20μ, 38μ,40μ
Moisture permeability 4-10 (g/24h'm2, 25μm, 30°C, 90%RH)
Oxygen permeability 2400 ( cm3/24h'm25μm, 23°C, 0%RH)
Tensile strength 1300-2000(Kgf/cm)
Tear strength 4-6(gf/25cm)
Softening temperature 130-150°C


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