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Customizable Coffee Bag With Valve|Granules Pouches Doypack Packaging Bags

  • Material:Composite film
  • Capacity:Can be customized
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The exhaust valve is mainly used to release the air in the bag to prevent the outside air from entering, thereby prolonging the freshness of the coffee. Since the freshly roasted coffee releases carbon dioxide, the valve can immediately package the roasted coffee without worrying about the bag rupturing. The combination of flexibility and valves makes it the perfect choice for coffee packaging. The minimum order quantity is 5000PC.
coffee bags
Coffee bag with valve features:
1. Can be customized printing, unique
2. Maintain a high moisture, fresh and odor barrier.
3. Laminates increase strength and barrier properties.
4. A coffee bag with a valve can remove carbon dioxide to keep the coffee fresh.
5. The coffee bag is easy to fill and seal.
Ground coffee bag use:
The main purpose of ground coffee bags is to pack coffee and tea. Suitable for packaging the following products:
Coffee, tea, pet food, specialty foods.
These bags are suitable for restaurants, dessert shops, donut shops and more. Common sizes are 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, etc.
coffee bags
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