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HD Perspective Food Packaging Bags|Food Packaging Bag With Window

  • Material: polyester film
  • Capacity:Can be customized
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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These polyester film vertical bags can be red, pink, blue, black, transparent, etc., and can be selected according to customer requirements. Often used in snacks, condiments, tea or coffee packaging, these vertical pouches have replaced the hard surface of most bags, and their windows have made them a very popular packaging method.The minimum order quantity is 5000PC.
food packing bags
Food packing bags features:
1. User-friendly U-shaped tear-open design, saving time to find a utility knife or scissors to open the bag
2. The bite is tightly self-sealing, high-quality self-sealing, can be repeatedly opened and used, easy to operate, environmentally friendly and healthy.
3. High-definition perspective window for easy identification of items stored in the bag.
4. The thickening can be self-supporting bottom, firm sealing, the packaging bag has increased bearing capacity, the bottom does not fall off, and it is more durable.
5. Support heat sealing
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