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Inner & Outer Tea Bag Packaging Machine With Tag And String

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This tea bag packaging machine is the latest type of heated sealing packing machine, which has multifunction can automatically be packing tea or other herbs into inner and outer bag (envelope), avoiding hands directly contacting with stuff materials, improving the efficiency.
The tea bag packing machine is suitable for packing such products as broken tea, coffee, ginseng essence, diet tea, health-caring tea, medicine tea, as well as tea leaves and herb beverage, etc.
tea bag filling sealing machine
Main Features of inner & outer tea bag packing machine:
★ The outer bag is controlled by stepper motor control, bag length is stable, cut position is more accurate;
★ PID regulator temperature control, temperature control is more accurate;
★ PLC control the whole operation, man-machine interface display, easy to operate;
★ Fully SUS304 to ensure product hygiene and safety.
loose tea packing machine
The inner bag is made of filter cotton paper, which can be automatically packed with thread and label. The outer bag is a composite heatable material. The work cylinder using imported brand, ensure the accurate and stable work; The tea bag packing machine is designed with additional devices flat cutting, date printing, easy tear and other functions.
This tea bag packing machine is a new type of heat-sealing, multi-functional automatic tea bag packaging equipment. The inner and outer bags are formed at one time, which avoids direct contact between human hands and materials, and is clean and sanitary.
tea bag packing machine
1. Application: Loose tea, slimming tea, nutritional granules, scented tea, brown sugar ginger tea
2. Sealing form: can be customized into a three-side seal + four-side seal pillow-shaped back seal bag
Coding method: self-contained steel stamping code (optional with color coding machine)
Packaging materials: polyester/aluminum/polyethylene polyester/polyethylene nylon composite film and other composite packaging materials that can be heat-sealed and leak-proof

Technical Data
Measuring Range
1-15 g
Inner Bag Size
Length: 50-75 mm
Width: 50-75 mm(Can be customized)
Outer Bag Size
Length: 85-120 mm
Width: 75-95 mm(Can be customized)
Label Size
25*25(Can be customized)
3.7 kw
1050*700*1300 mm


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