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Automatic Spice Turmeric Powder Packaging Line on Sale

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Automatic spice tumeric powder packing line is suitable for packaging powder and granular materials, such as milk powder, solid beverages, sugar, glucose, coffee, feed, solid medicine, powder and granular additives, dyes, etc. It is equipped with safety protection, meeting the requirements of enterprise safety management and can automatic filling sealing.
automatic spice powder filling machine
The main features of automatic spice powder packing line: 
1. Intelligent temperature controller is adopted for accurate temperature control to ensure beautiful and smooth seal.
2. PLC servo system, pneumatic control system and large display touch screen are used to form the drive control core, which maximizes the control accuracy, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.
3. The touch screen can store a variety of packaging process parameters for different products, which can be used at any time when changing products without resetting.
4. A fault display system is set up to help troubleshoot in a timely manner.
5. Can be made into pillow-shaped bags, perforated bags, etc. according to customer needs.
automatic powder packing line
Advantages of automatic powder packing plant:
1. The formula of 10 products can be preset, which is suitable for quickly changing the packaging of products;
2. Using intelligent temperature controller, the temperature difference can be controlled within 2 degrees;
3. Adjust the sealing and cutting position and correct the deviation directly on the touch screen without stopping;
4. Cooperate with horizontal weave tooth seal to make the packaging more firm; we can also choose straight, twill, netting, etc .;
5. CE installation standard can be adopted, and the electrical box protection standard can reach IP65; the shapes of various punching holes can be designed by us;
6, this function can make a variety of bag types, such as: flat bags (back seal, triangle seal, four-side seal), three-dimensional bags (socket stand-up bag, triangle bag), tote bag, punching bag;
7. In order to highlight the sharp corners of your packaging bag, we have a special crimping device. When your product has a gas release, we will install a one-way vent valve on each of your bags;
8. The tray output device will hold heavy products and transport them after packaging.

For Vertical Powder Packing Machine
spice powder packing machine

Technical Data
Model LG-F420 LG-F520
Size of bag making (L)60-300mm, (W)60-200mm (L)80-350mm, (W)80-250mm
Packing weight 10-5000g   10-5000g 
Packaging Accuracy 1%
Packing speed 25-60bag /min  
Voltage Three phase  380/220V   50-60Hz / 6kw
Weight 700kg 950Kg
Dimension 1300×1500×2600mm

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