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External Vacuum Packing Machine|SUS 304 Food Vacuum Packing Machine

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The vacuum packing machine is widely used, it is suitable for all kinds of food, medicine, aquatic products, hardware electronics, such as solid, powder, paste, liquid vacuum heat sealing packaging.The machine can be used in the product line . 
According to the heat seal principle, the machine is easy to operate, you just need to put the material into the bag, clamp the bag’s mouth, then vacuum processing, the machine will also heat seal the machine, when it ready , the machine can unloading the bag automatically , which is very easy to operate. 
vertical type vacuum packing machine
Features of the machine:
1.Control System: The Machine adopts computer control panel, there are variety of control options for customers 
2.Vacuum Pump: strict quality control system ensured the security and stability working condition of the vacumm machine core . 
3.Vacuum lid hinge: a special effort vacuum lid hinge means to significantly reduce labor intensity in their daily work, and makes it more easy to deal with . 
4.Body Material: External Vacuum body structure is made of 304 stainless steel, which insures the beautiful appearance and corrosion protection under serious cauterization circumstance 
5.Easy Move Wheels (with brakes): the wheels are good in heavy bearden , which makes the machine easy and convient at moving .

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