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Industrial External Type Food Vacuum Packaging Machine

  • Application:food,meat,sausage,corn
  • Country Of Origin:China
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Industrial food vacuum packaging machine is for packaging all kinds of food, medicine, aquatic products, hardware electronics, such as meat, sausage, corn, rice, peanut, cashew nut, seed, beans, sauce, spices, dried fruit, grain, chemical products, medicine and other granular, powder, liquid goods, after vacuum packaging, fill inert gas, can prevent product oxidation mildew, corruption, moistureproof, prolong the storage life of the product.
vacuum packaging machine
The food vacuum packaging machine has a vacuum suction (inflatable), a complete sealing printing, vacuum degree is adjusted by the time set to switch potentiometer, sealing temperature with five levels, the discretion of the heating voltage transformer to achieve different sealing temperature, heat sealing adopts digital display time relay to control time, not restricted by the size of the vacuum chamber, a wide range of application. The vacuum packaging machine adopts label printing products equipment to comply with the provisions of the national food labeling method. 
Technical Data
Model LGDZQ-700F
Sealing Size 700*8
Voltage 110/220/380  50/60
Packing Speed 1-3pcs/min
Sealing Power 1.2kw
Weight 160kg
Dimension 730*700*1750m


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