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Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine For Food

  • Material:rice,meat,fish,beans,nut,fruit
  • Capacity:can be customized
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine completes vacuuming, casing, and sealing in one single operation. It is used for packing foods, vegetables, medicine, special dried or preserved foods, aquatic products, electrical units etc, to keep the taste of foods fresh and dry, and to avoid oxidation, and mildew.The single chamber vacuum packing machine adopts the visiable glass cover, which ensure you have a clear glance with the process of the sealing and vacuum.
vacuum packing machine
Features of the machine:
1. Exclude part of the air (oxygen) in the packaging container, which can effectively prevent food from spoiling.
2. The use of barrier properties (air tightness) excellent packaging materials and strict sealing technology and requirements, can effectively prevent the exchange of packaging content substances, can avoid food weight loss, loss of taste, but also prevent secondary pollution.
3. The gas inside the vacuum packaging container has been eliminated, which accelerates the heat conduction, which can improve the heat sterilization efficiency and avoid the rupture of the packaging container due to the expansion of the gas during the heat sterilization.
4. Stable and reliable operation and stable performance;
5. Simple to use, operate, maintain and maintain;
6. A small number of parts can be replaced to pack different sizes (small, short, wide and narrow) box packaging, solid molding.

Technical Data
Model LGDZ-400 LGDZ-500 LGDZ-600 LGDZ-260
Dimension(mm) 445*440*75 550*525*75 625*625*100 380*305*75
The number of sealing seats is long * width (mm) Double strip400*10 Double strip500*10 Double strip600*10 Double strip260*8
Maximum filling space (mm) 445*310*75 550*395*75 625*490*100 310*305*75
Machine dimensions (cm) 57*50*95 68*58*96 76*69*101 48*36*40
Outer box packaging size (cm) 66*59*100 77*68*104 86*79*117 53*42*49
Opening height (cm) 117 125 130 63
FCL weight (kg) 82 105 160 41
Heat seal pulse power range (W) 1800-2200 1900-2300 1700-2000 800-1300
Heat sealing time adjustment range (s) 1-9.9 1-9.9 1-9.9 1-9.9
Vacuum pump efficiency (cubic / hour) 20 20 40 4
Vacuum pump power (W) 900 900 1800 370
Working voltage (v / hz) 220/50 or 110/60 220/50 or 110/60 220/50 or 380/50 220/50 or 110/60


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