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Commercial Meat Sausage Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

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This double-chamber meat vacuum packing machine is suitable for food industry chicken legs, duck legs, duck tongue, duck head, meat, soybeans, corn, quail eggs, duck eggs, preserved fruits, grain, soy products, chemicals, herbs, yam, electronic components.
meat vacuum packaging machine
Meat vacuum packing of military products and other granules can prevent the product from being oxidized, mildewed, spoiled, moisture- proof, preserved, preserved, preserved, and preserved in color to extend the shelf life. At the same time, some soft articles are vacuum-packed to reduce the packaging volume. Easy to transport and store. The heating system is separated inside and outside, easy to replace, not easy to leak, and the heating strip is durable after special treatment, avoiding frequent replacement of the heating strip.
food vacuum packaging machine price
Working Flow of Industrial Vacuum Packing Machine
First put the product into the vacuum bag, the vacuum bag into the vacuum chamber, pressure down the lid. The motor drives the vacuum pump to draw the gas, in this said, some of the vacuum bag will slowly drum up, this is because the vacuum bag is slower than the vacuum chamber, vacuum chamber pressure than the small vacuum bag, and then the airbag will seal the top of the sealing bar, the vacuum bag seal. Finally, solenoid valve open, air into the vacuum packaging is the goods into the airtight container, in the container before sealing vacuum, so that the sealed container basically no air.

Technical Data
Model CK-DZ400-2
Vacuum Chamber Size 465*490*40MM
Number of Sealing Bars L*W Double seal 400*10MM
Max Filling Space 400MM
Machine Size 105*63*97CM
Packaging Size 115*73*112CM
Opening Height 110CM
Machine Weight 160KG
Adjust Heat Sealing Time 1-9.9s
Vacuum Pump Efficiency 20m³/h
Vacuum Pump Power 900W
Machine Voltage 220V/50HZ


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